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Welcome to http://xf86digitaledge.sourceforge.net/

Hi, this is the pages for an Xinput driver for "Digital Edge Natural Pen" tablets, also known by other names.

The driver is working on my tablet with my X server (XFree86 3.3.5), but I suspect that my set has been damaged slightly at some point, so if anyone manages to get this driver working with thier tablet please tell me. I have confirmation that it kind of works on AHP5000's, which have the same FCC ID.

The pen has FCC ID NRQAHPPEN, and the Tablet is NRQSTO5O4A, manufactured by Aiptek International Inc, Taiwan.

AFAIKT Aiptek don't make them anymore, but it is basicly the same as thier Hyper Pen 5000, they are sold in the UK as a Digital Edge Natural Pen, but probably goes by other names too.

You can get more info and downloads from the project page, but be warned, the source is really nasty, as it is just a quick hack.

In order to get it working with XFree86 you will need something like:

Section "Module"
  Load "xf86DigitalEdge.so"

Section "Xinput"
  SubSection "DigitalEdge"
    Port "/dev/ttyS1"
    DeviceName "tablet"
    ActiveArea 50 40
    Mode absolute
    Cursor Stylus
    ClickThreshold 600

In your XF86Config file. And the .so file needs to go with the other XInput drivers (/usr/X11R6/lib/modules/ under RedHat 6.1).

Last modified 2000-03-03

Steve Harris, Southampton, UK

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